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What we have been up to...

Mural Ordinance Hearing at City Hall 
July 12th 2012

After the release of the very much-anticipated Mural Ordinance Recommendation Report, art advocates were anxious to attend the hearing in City Hall to voice their concerns. On Thursday, July 12th the Los Angeles City Planning Commission could not come to agreement about certain suggested amendments, and chose to reconvene on September 13th to reevaluate the ordinance again. If the Mural Ordinance Report and Recommendations are agreed and approved upon by the City Planning Commission, it will move to the Planning and Land Use Committee before finally being adopted by City Council. If you were unable to attend, and would like to know more about what issues were raised, there are several articles listed at the end of the newsletter that go into depth about what was discussed.

Mural Ordinance Hearing at City Hall

 (Photo © Ian Robertson-Salt, 2012)

MCLA’s Free Legal Forum at Avenue 50 Studio
July 19th 2012

In response to questions raised at the recent Mural Ordinance Hearing, regarding VARA and CAPA rights for muralists, MCLA offered a free Legal Forum on Thursday, July 19th. The meeting took place at Avenue 50 Studio, and was led by both MCLA and Intellectual Property Attorney Eric Bjorgum. Bjorgum was involved in the legal settlement regarding artist’s rights, which was for the painting-over of the iconicEd Ruscha Monument by Kent Twitchell.  If you are interested in getting the full pamphlet of everything discussed at the forum, you can download it here. Major topics of discussion included: 1. Property rights that muralists have, 2. How to register copyrights and the visual artists' rights, with the U.S. government, 3. How these rights interface with the new mural ordinance.
MCLA’s Free Legal Forum at Avenue 50 Studio

(Photo © Isabel Rojas-Williams, 2012)
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MCLA and LA-MEX Sister Cities
July 24, 26, & 27 2012

On July 24, MCLA visited City Hall with LA-MEX Sister Cities Committee and Student Ambassadors from Mexico D.F., Los Angeles, and Vancouver. As a board member of the committee since 2009, MCLA’s executive director, Isabel Rojas-Williams was delighted to speak with the visiting students about the unique diverse arts and culture of Los Angeles, and the important role that muralism playa within it. On July 26, MCLA met with the group again, and where welcomed to the Mexican Consulate by Juan Carlos Mendoza, Deputy Consul General. On the 27th, we had our last visit, where we took them on a free tour of the Art’s District in Downtown LA. Lots of fun!

MCLA and LA-MEX Sister Cities

Murals in the News:

City of Los Angeles Mural Ordinance Delayed
Arts for LA | July 12 2012
Mural Ordinance Grievances: What to Expect [UPDATED]           
KCET: Departures | Ed Fuentes | July 12, 2012
'Peasant Saint' In Little Tokyo a Spiritual Mashup
KCET: Departures | Ed Fuentes | July 16, 2012
Chicanarte: L.A. Mural Ban
La Bloga | Michael Sedano | July 17 2012
Mural Ordinance Stirs Debate
CCA Delivers | Anne Williams | July 19 2012

Artist of the Month: Glenna Avila

Glenna Avila and "L.A. Freeway Kids"

On her favorite mural: “I don’t know. I’m not a person who believes in picking favorites or choosing the 'best.' What I really like is when that project involves students and when the students can learn all the processes and how to do it and find their voice and create something that is theirs.”  

To read the full interview, click here. Pictured above: artist Glenna Avila (left), L.A. Freeway Kids, 1984 (right). 

In This Issue...

  • Recent Progress on the Mural Ordinance
  • Bike Mural Tour in Highland Park!
  • Artist of the Month: Glenna Avila

Upcoming MCLA Mural Tours:

MCLA actively organizes mural tours throughout Los Angeles as a way to connect communities directly with these important public works. Follow MCLA on Facebook or visit ourevents page to stay up-to-date on upcoming mural tours throughout Los Angeles!

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At a glance...

 Josefina Quezada’s Memorial
On August 19th 2012
12pm – 6pm at The Pico House

Come to celebrate the memory of Josefina Quezada, a Mexican muralist who was sent by David Alfaro Siqueiros to assessAmérica Tropical for restoration in 1969. Josefina Quezada introduced art historian Shifra Goldman to Siqueiros. Goldman was an early champion of Siqueiros. Since Quezada’s arrival to the U.S, she had remained an important figure in the East Los Angeles muralism scene until her passing earlier this year. The memorial will be held at The Pico House at El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument, 424 North Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.

Josefina Quezada’s Memorial
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The Old-Fashion Way
June 13 2012

In response to escalating frustrations in the mural community over the unresolved mural ordinance, MCLA continued to pursue its mission with another mural restoration project to acknowledges our living legends, and as a tangible sign of our support for L.A.'s contemporary muralists as they continue to fight for the rights of public artists. Through the generosity of our members, MCLA works with veteran and contemporary muralists to restore the city's unique cultural legacy the old-fashioned way, one mural at a time!

The Old Fashioned Way

(Photo © Ian Robertson-Salt 2012)
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Join MCLA on a Bike Mural Tour in Highland Park
August 25th 2012
Join us on Saturday, August 25th (11:30 am - 1:00 pm) for a Bike Mural Tour of Highland Park. Meet us at 1207 N. Avenue 56 (corner of 56th & Meridian), Highland Park, CA 90042.
Click here to register & here to buy your ticket. You will need to do both to confirm you spot! Already a member? Click here to claim your spot!
Join MCLA on a Bike Mural Tour
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