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Isabel Rojas-Williams, Willie Herrón and John Cadiz Klemack

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MCLA Interviewed by NBC 4
September 27th 2012

On September 27th, MCLA's executive director, Isabel Rojas-Williams, was interviewed by NBC 4's reporter John Cádiz Klemack at the birth place of Los Angeles and home to muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros' soon-to-be unveiled 1932 "América Tropical" at Plaza Olvera. Cádiz Klemack's conversation with Isabel included Latino Heritage in Los Angeles, the influence of Siqueiros on today's muralists, the Chicano Mural Art Movement, and MCLA's ongoing restoration of the "1984 Olympic Freeway Murals". Isabel introduced artist Willie Herrón III to speak about the Chicano Art Movement and of his experience as the commissioned restorer for the 1984 Olympic Freeway Murals.
Above is Isabel Rojas-Williams, Willie Herrón
& NBC 4’s John Cádiz Klemack.
(Photo © Ian Robertson-Salt, 2012)

MCLA Begins Restoration of LA Freeway Kids
September 18th, 2012            

Fresh on the heels of our last restoration of The Lita Albuquerque Monument, MCLA began work on Glenna Avila’sLA Freeway Kids- one of the 1984 Olympic Freeway murals. MCLA has been working closely with Glenna, establishing her as the official supervisor of the project. Never forgetting the importance of working with community muralists, MCLA commissioned legendary muralist/restorer Willie Herrón III. Herron selected muralists Carlos Callejo and Raul Gonzalez to be apart of his team of restorers. The mural is slated to be finished mid-October. The mural features seven children playfully running together. If you are interested in becoming involved with this project, visit our campaign here to see how you can help us protect against future tagging!

Glenna with the first and second restored “freeway kid”.
Above is Glenna with partially restored “ LA Freeway Kids”.
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(Image courtesy of © Ian Robertson-Salt, 2012)

MCLA Finishes Restoration of Lita Albuquerque Monument 
September 17th, 2012

On September 17th, MCLA completed restoration on The Lita Albuquerque Monument. This mural is part of a diptych, the counterpart of which is The Jim Morphesis Monument, which was also restored last December 2011. Facing each other on the 101 Freeway, this mural restoration was made possible through the support of the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) and private donors.

Restored Lita Albuquerque Monument
Image of completed Lita Albuquerque Monument
(Image courtesy of © Gil Ortiz, 2012) 
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Official Unveiling of América Tropical 
September 10th 2012

On September 10th the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) announced the October 9th unveiling of the iconic 1932 América Tropical, by master muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros. This restoration was made possible through the collaboration between the City of Los Angeles and GCI. This mural is highly significant, as Siqueiros has long been regarded as the one of the most influential muralist to inspire modern day muralists. To read the full press release of the event, click here.

The Official Announcement of the Unveiling of América Tropical
Getty Conservation Institute conservators working
on the América Tropical mural.© J. Paul Getty Trust.

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Artist of the Month: Judy Baca

Artist of the Month October 2012: Judy Baca
Regarding where she was born and raised: "I was born in a place now known as Watts,  85th and Central to be exact. My mother was a single parent and we lived in a small house, a duplex. At the time, it was right after the war, 1946, Watts was actually filled with Turnip fields and chicken farms and a kind of vibrant African American Latino community."
Left: Judy Baca, Right: Portion of The Great Wall of Los Angeles
Image on the right courtesy of © Robin Dunitz
Link to full interview

In This Issue...

  • LA Freeway Kids Restorationand Campaign!
  • Unvieling of America Tropicál
  • Artist of the Month: Judy Baca

Upcoming MCLA Mural Tours:

MCLA actively organizes mural tours throughout Los Angeles as a way to connect communities directly with these important public works. Follow MCLA on Facebook or visit ourevents page to stay up-to-date on upcoming mural tours throughout Los Angeles!

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At a glance...

Protect LA Freeway Kids!
Running until October 27th, 2012 
Although our restoration of LA Freeway Kids by Glenna Avila is underway, we still are far from finished. The final stage of the process is the protective coating that will ensure that the mural is safeguarded from climatic conditions and possible tagging. Get involved with our campaign and learn how you can protect L.A.’s history!
  Campaign to Protect LA Freeway Kids!
Click here to get involved!

SPARC Murals 35-Year Anniversary 
October 6th, 13th & 20th  
SPARC murals is celebrating their 35-Year Anniversary with multiple events. Among them include a mural tour, a retrospective exhibition, and a celebratory party at SPARC. Congratulations SPARC on your all your amazing work!
SPARC Murals 35-Year Anniversary
Click to read about the event

Beginning of the C.O.L.A Fellowship
October 1st, 2012
Congratulations to MCLA's director, whose C.O.L.A. Fellowship officially began October 1st. The Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) wants to debut Ms. Hernández artworks next year at LAMAG. The rumor is she will be pursuing the "Luchadora Series" in new provocative directions and that some of the new work will be large scale. We are proud of you JUDITHE HERNANDEZ!
 Beginning of the C.O.L.A Fellowship

Venice Art Walls Changes Leadership
September 2 2012 
The Venice Art Walls is a program managed by ICU Art, and allows the Venice art community to freely and legally paint on its walls. Recently, there was much doubt about whether this program would survive beyond 2012, as recent budget cuts have risked its livelihood. Luckily, the program has switched to the STP Foundation and CanLove. The album below is of ICU Art’s final days as the manager of the Venice Art Walls.
Venice Art Walls Changes Leadership
Image Courtesy of © Isabel Rojas-Williams, 2012
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