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Painted by Mark Bowerman and Jo Bowerman. People running, their forms sparingly defined with calligraphic lines. Restored in 1990 by MCLA. Photo © Mark Bowerman.

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Painted by Kent Twitchell in 1971. This veteran character actor often played movie bad guys, including the prison warden in "Cool Hand Luke." The mural was accidentally painted over in 1987, then repainted by the artist in 1988 with the assistance of Mural Conservancy of Los Angeles volunteers.

Photo: © Robin Dunitz.

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   Not particular to any individual mural, but essential to all of them, is information about what they were made with, how they were made, and how they are holding up. This is the section that is widest open to interpretation and questioning because most questions about the techniques of mural making incorporate multiple factors one of which--time--can never be fully accounted for except by the results of its passage. 
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